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A Bit of Laughter with Your Holiday Cheer!

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Smile and giggle along with this rendition of  “The 12 Daze of Christmas”  spoof from the well loved traditional holiday song: The 12 Days of Christmas. You can educate your friends and family about the challenges of fighting autoimmune encephalitis with humor.  We encourage you to go to our Youtube Channel, like it and subscribe. IAES has plans for a video series in 2018 you will not want to miss.  


Are you stumped as to what to get for that special someone on your gift giving list who appears to have everything? why not give a gift that keeps on giving?  A gift that let’s them know that they inspire you so much that you have made  a donation in their name.  The perfect gift that honors the nature of the recipient as a person who lives their daily life doing simple acts of kindness.

Your Tax deductible donations help us save lives and quality of lives.

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