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Discounted Transportation


Gas Card for Medicaid Eligible Patients in Washington State

Gas card as an option to cover your costs for getting to and from your medical appointment.

Find the Right Ride Transportation & Medical Transportation Services

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Provides free domestic or international travel to U.S. facilities for medical treatment, second opinions, and follow-up for patients in need. Call 800-359-1711 to find out if you qualify for assistance.

Free flights for people living in Michigan’s beautiful but remote Upper Peninsula


Free flights for patients with cancer using corporate jets for treatment and medical necessity.

White Plains, NY

Free flights for patients with cancer using corporate jets for treatment and medical necessity.

Lindrith, NM

Puts you in contact with free flights

Tulsa, OK

Free flights covers areas leaving from:  Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Missouri, and Kansas

North Andover, MA

Angel Flight Northeast’s covers 9 states: Conn, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, NY, RI, PA, and Vermont.

Watch their ” Evening of Angels patient video” (2022)

Kansas City, MO

Free flights for medical necessity

Blue Bell, PA

Footprint is Virginia to Ohio to Maine and for destinations beyond

Santa Monica, CA

Free flights for medical necessity


Helps veterans or active duty military who need to travel for specialized medical evaluation, diagnosis, treatment, or rehabilitation. Patients needing help can call 800-296-1217.



They fly individuals to hospitals and treatment centers in 26 states within a 600 mile radius of their St. Louis, MO headquarters.

Medical Relief & Air Transport (MAT) Program provides medical air transport services, free of charge, to individuals who need specialized medical care that is not available to them locally. Using aircraft specially outfitted with stretchers to accommodate fragile and non-ambulatory patients.  To ask about arranging transportation, call 636-537-1302 or email



Air Charity Network serves all 50 states in the USA, pilots fly their own planes medical needs or treatment.


Southwest Airlines (USA) will offer free medical flights  other organizations listed

Morrisville, NC

Free flights for children to access specialized medical care and/or treatment

Farmingdale, NY

Services greater Northeast region, from Virginia to Maine, Ohio to Massachusetts.

(PALS) arranges free air transportation for individuals requiring medical diagnosis, treatment or follow-up, for compassionate assistance, for military personnel/family requests through the PALS for Patriots Program, or for humanitarian purposes through the PALS Sky Hope Disaster Relief Program. They will arrange for people to pick you up at the airport and give you ground transportation as well.

Virginia Beach, VA

Low-income patients  provides gas cards and commercial bus or Amtrak tickets & discounted air fare (USA)

Bartonville, IL

LifeLine Pilots facilitates FREE transportation for such medical needs as on-going medical treatments, diagnosis and follow-up care

Houston, TX

Transportation from airports & Medical Center for patients traveling for medical treatment

Virginia Beach, VA

The National Patient Travel Center – free flights and ground transportation (250 miles) for medical reasons in USA

Australia Flights


The British Red Cross offers transport support for medical appointments and essential daily needs.

Fortitude Valley, Qld

Free flights for medical appointments, treatments, medical necessity

Australia NT

Apply for Patient Assisted Travel in Australia in NT

WA County

Patient Assisted Travel guide for Patients and Carers WA County Health Services Region


Air ambulance and patient transport requirements within Australia and Internationally


Patients Assistance Transport (PATS) Australia

Northern Territory Government

Flights, accommodation, taxi


A Guide to Patient Assisted Travel throughout Australia

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