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Can I get assistance paying for my home property taxes due to my disability?



There is no Federal program for tax exemptions due to disability, instead tax exemptions occur at the state or local level.  The best way to get information, such as the forms that need to be completed, documentation you will need to provide, as well as the amount of the exemption, is to go to your state and local websites.

The usual documentation required is a state provided form you ask your doctor to complete on your behalf.  This is submitted with a copy of your social security disability award letter or stub. Often this information needs to be submitted each year to obtain the exemption. If you fail to submit the information, or you did not submit because you were unaware of the program, you do have an opportunity to appeal for the years you did not receive the exemptions.




References: What is a Property Tax Exemption?

What Is the Disability Property Tax Exemption?



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