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November 24, 2022 | By Janine Samuela-Carasus

Introduction from the IAES Blog Team:

As we wrap up caregiver awareness month and in the spirit of this season’s giving of thanks, the staff at IAES wish to share with you this beautiful story of hope and the true power of those that care for us the most. Each AE Warrior is here today because of those that care for and love us. We are thankful beyond words. We hope you find this story as inspirational as we have, and we truly hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

To read more of Zoe’s story and her family please enjoy the first blog in this AE journey:



My name Janine Samuela-Carasus. I am 29 years old and from the Philippines.

Five years ago, in the middle of August 2017, our toddler that was almost two years old was diagnosed with anti-NMDA receptor Encephalitis.

We were stuck in a pediatric ICU unit for three weeks with Zoe and then, literally, lived in the hospital for the longest two months of our lives. As you can imagine, hundreds of tests and procedures were done every single day to try and figure out what was happening to our precious little girl. Our hearts were broken by every single negative result. No one knew what was happening to our girl. She seemed to be getting sicker and sicker each day.

Bills began piling up. All we understood was that her condition continued to worsen each day until she was not responding anymore. But with all this negativity, there was never a moment, a day, or a week that I thought of giving in and giving up. Never did a second go by that we lost hope that things would get better.  With constant prayer, the help of the Lord, and the vigilance of our brilliant doctors, we kept hope alive.

Eventually, we were able to bring Zoe home although she was in a non-responsive vegetative state. We had no idea or any medical assurance that she would recover and regain her strength again and be the precious girl we knew and loved.

For me, it was a mix of emotions. I was happy we were finally home and terrified of what the future would bring all at the same time. I worried if I would be strong enough for Zoe and if I would be able to help her. I did know one thing for certain, even if it took her forever to recover, I would be there. I knew even if it meant sacrificing my own life and personal dreams, I would be there. And I did. Never did I leave her side, nor did I sleep away from her even for a night. I, religiously, made her blended food and fed her via a feeding tube for months. I took her to doctor’s appointments, therapy sessions, and every appointment that was necessary. I made sure Zoe was and felt loved every minute of every day and spoke to her all the time as if nothing was wrong.

All our prayers were answered. Zoe’s recovery was a long slow two-year road that we all traveled together. We watched her slowly improve, we cried with her when the therapy was hard until she got to the point to be able to face the world again! 

To date, our daughter is back to being her best self. Her gross motor and cognitive skills are significantly improved. She has been able to overcome her stranger anxiety and started attending formal school. We are very excited for her to spread her wings and begin to fly. She will be bringing with her the scars of a well-fought past showing how strong and resilient she is. Our family will be right by her side!

Our fight and Zoe’s fight do not end here. AE could happen anytime in her life again. It can happen to anyone. I will always be proud of our story of faith, strength, and love. We plan to always fight for AE awareness so everyone can get diagnosed quicker and not have to go thru all the pain we had as a result of this terrible disease.

Zoe turns seven years old this month. I want Zoe to read and understand our story, her story. Zoe may not be able to remember all aspects of her AE journey but thru this story, I hope she understands, in her heart, that we, as a family, are one. And we will conquer everything that comes our way!!  


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