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Independence Day!

Independence Day!

June 29, 2022 | By Jeri Gore

If you have Autoimmune Encephalitis or are a loved one or caregiver of someone with AE, you know dependance. The AE Warrior is dependent. We are dependent on many things be it friend’s and family’s ability to take us to doctor’s appointments, rehab, food stores or for a simple ride around the countryside. We are dependent on canes and walkers, computers, and sign language for communication. We can be dependent on stair or wheelchair lifts. We are dependent on medical teams to understand AE and suggest best treatment options. We are dependent on our AE family as a community to get us thru a particularly bad day or week or month. We are dependent on the minds and hearts of others to help, accept, understand, and love us.

If you live in the United States, you know July 4th, every year, is a national holiday. It is Independence Day. It is a day much celebrated with family or friends, with fireworks and cooking out. It is a day of fun and laughter and overall joyful celebration.

If you are an AE Warrior, you know the need and desire for independence. Our dependence on the many things we need to survive AE may not have been on our mental radar before AE took over our lives in one form or another. For an AE Warrior, independence may mean many things. It may mean not needing someone’s help to turn on the lights or start your computer. It may mean no longer requiring a cane to be able to walk. It may mean no longer needing one infusion or another. For me, independence was the ability to drive again. That day is forever seared into my brain. I felt like driving down some country road, windows wide open, sun on my face and singing at the top of my lungs. It also came when I was once again able to concentrate enough to be able to read and understand a book. I felt like I had conquered a giant mountain!! I felt independence and it felt good, really good! I wanted to shout it from a mountain top!

In the spirit of celebration, I suggest we honor our AE independences big and small. We may or may not celebrate with cook outs and fireworks but maybe a little ‘happy’ dance in the kitchen or phone call to a loved one. May we learn to commemorate those small and large events that mark progress in our AE journey. This may not be easy some days but maybe, just maybe if we celebrate these small milestones of progress, it will help propel us onward on those other days when forward progress seems slow or nonexistent.

Happy AE Independence Day to all of you AE Warriors, loved ones and caregivers!!

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On June 16 th, 2022, Tabitha Orth, President and Founder of International Autoimmune Encephalitis Society officially became the 7,315 th “point of light”. Recognized for the volunteer work she and IAES has done to spark change and improve the world for those touched by Autoimmune Encephalitis. The award was founded by President George H.W. Bush in 1990.


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Travel Tips for the AE Warrior

Travel Tips for the AE Warrior

December-18-2019 | Mari Wagner Davis, RN

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Last Summer my husband and I traveled to Italy to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary. Not only was it special because it was our 25th anniversary, but special because we had survived 2 years after my seizures and diagnosis with autoimmune encephalitis.  My husband has learned a variety of tricks to help me feel more comfortable in any environment. Traveling overseas, was something we hadn’t done since I got sick.

I found the following tips helpful and wanted to share them:


  1. If you haven’t traveled at all since you were diagnosed, consider doing a weekend stay close to home, to help identify any issues like finding the room, remembering which floor you are on) ahead of time.

2. Bring your insurance cards with you, physician’s phone number and important medical records(I had mine copied to a computer disc).


3. Make sure you have reservations and confirm them, keep a folder where you can write down confirmation numbers.


4. Provide your family members with your itinerary, including phone numbers.


5. Identify how to get medical help in countries where you do not speak the language.


6. Consider using a travel agent that specializes in planning trips for people with disabilities.


7. Plan on addressing jet lag before you leave. Try to adjust your sleep schedule a couple of hours to the time zone you will be in.


8. Adjust scheduling your medication schedule as close as you can to the time zone you are traveling to a week or so before you leave.


9. While flying try not to sleep too much especially if you will be arriving in the evening.


10. Set your watch to local time so you do not get confused.


11. Drink plenty of fluids.


12. Daylight can reset your internal clock, be aware that you may need to nap to adjust to the different time zone.


13, One trick I have found helpful in hotel rooms is to leave the bathroom light on, so I can find it in the middle of the night.


14. Finally, be flexible and have a sense of humor!


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Become an Advocate by sharing your story. It may result in an accurate diagnosis for someone suffering right now who is yet to be correctly identified. Submit your story with two photos to



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