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March 29, 2017 | Barbara Vujaklija, RN

Blog March Magnets in the form of lodestones have been used to supposedly improve health since the ancient Greeks. Again in the middle ages they are mentioned in healers texts. During the 18th century Doctor Franz Anton Mesmer held parties in his Paris saloon and by using a weak electromagnetic field convincing people he was healing minor ailments. His ‘show’ often had young ladies fainting and became the basis for mesmerising or hypnotism. Magnets as healing agents had a resurgence in the mid 1900s. Magnetic jewelry was supposed to restore balance to the body’s fluids. Later after work on the atomic level proved that electricity and magnetism are different aspects of the same phenomena and further research in recent years has shown that at high levels could help to heal bones. Electromagnetic therapy if not mainstream medicine is being used in some cases of stubborn bone healing. However that does not mean that gloves, braces and socks etc with weak magnets in them are going to do you any good. They are just that ‘too weak’. There is no scientific evidence that weak magnets have any effect on the body. The same is true for Copper by the way and limited diets, unless you have an allergy to a certain food, can be downright dangerous. Depriving yourself of one type of substance can cause imbalances in the body. I use these examples to show how the scientific process is followed in treatment protocols. Let’s take AE for example. Following the scientific process doctors would first make observations about how patients respond to different drugs. Next they would form a hypothesis that a certain drug worked better than others. After establishing that a drug has worked on a number of patients experimentation would start by broadening the number of patients given the drug. After the results of the experiment are analyzed a conclusion is drawn that the drug in question does in fact work. The hypotheses must then be tested and if the results are repeated the medication becomes part of that treatment protocol. Electromagnetism followed The same path. The point of this ramble is to remind everyone and inform new members that the treatment protocol for AE has been through this process and is considered scientific fact. In other words it usually works. As the disease progresses and changes so to must the treatment keep pace. Again scientific observations tell the doctors which direction to take the treatment. Observations include how the patient presents, what symptoms persist, whether the disease is progressing and if so how aggressively, or if it is remitting. Data that by this time has usually been collected also guides our scientist Physician. The type of antibody if known is important as is where the disease process is. At every stage the proven science leads the way to a successful outcome. Around the world researches continue to use the scientific method to increase our knowledge and provide better treatments. Each knowledgeable physician working with an AE patient is following the scientific method to adapt treatments to respond to individual patients. Barbara Vujaklija, RN

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